Yes, No, Mibbe, or Dinna Care?

It’s been a wee while since I gave vent to matters Referendum, to Scotland’s Future.  But much as been happening of late, some of it more interesting than others.  The role of the media is just one area.

But I’ve suggested before that the breath of change is in the air, and some commentators in the press are beginning read those runes.  But for every surprise at the pen of say Kevin McKenna at The Observer, or Joyce McMillan at The Scotsman, we get more of the same from the one that we all have to pay for.

The latest stushie with dear old BBC Scotland reached far and wide, swept under the carpet.  Lucinda Creighton, Irish minister with EU responsibilities, was asked her view on Scotland’s plight.  The BBC’s Raymond Buchanan, a man with a reputation to preserve and presumably a wish to survive imminent redundancies, played the corporate hand, as expected.

He turned the words around, selected quotes, and put a slant on it.  Ms Creighton later corrected him, confirming her agreement with EU membership discussions as expressed by Angus Robertson, the Scottish Government’s man in Westminster.  Of apologies there were none, the press got in on the act, and then it reached FMQs as the hapless Labour leader vents her splein with faux outrage, incensed at those nasty cyber-nats daring to question her beloved media.  Bang head off brick wall.

And then there’s Question Time.  Dump the nuclear waste in Jockland, then grant them independence, one wag proposed from Lancaster last week.  Oh how they laughed, Dimbleby and panelists too.

In the EC report we’re told that both sides need to present their visions, life after the vote, the country that they see us having.  Difficult one that, for of course it will be the government elected in 2016 that has a large say in life ahead.  But let’s see how that develops.  We’ve already heard the Prime Minster’s response, and the second word seems to have been off.  Ah that’ll be the positive case for the union then.

But don’t just take my word for it.  Bookmark Wings Over Scotland and catch up with events from an open and honest perspective on a regular basis.  Three quarters of a million page views in one month suggest that Rev Stu must be doing something right.

There’s a cracking article up this morning, from one in the Undecided camp, seeing Scotland from a new life in Germany.  Interesting.

And of course we’ve had the Electoral Commission’s preferred question, agreed all round.  Should Scotland be an Independent Country?  And their thoughts on funding.  Then we’ve had the massed ranks of the media take the SNP to task for losing out all round.  But it’s not so at all of course, just spin.  Rev Stu again, and again.

It’s not just me, here’s Alan Bissett, over at Bella Caledonia.  Good read that one.

Those Regional newspaper circulation figures should be out soon.  I think I know what’s likely to have happened to The Herald, a paper I bought and enjoyed every day for decades.  Never Again.  The internet has changed the world, mainly for the better.

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