It’s Been Quite a Week

on the political front.

We’ve had all the kerfuffle over Dave trying to stop his tory euro-sceptics from giving their support to UKIP that he’s going to give us all a say in Europe, if we give him another five years at the helm.

And we’ve had Ed saying that he’s opposed to a referendum; why we know not though we’re used to Labour opposing in principle and for no reason in these parts.

Now it seems to me that everything the bold Dave has to say on the UK position with the EU is pretty much the polar opposite of everything all the London based parties have to say on Scotland’s position with the UK.  Double standards or double-speak?  Probably more a case that Scotland, and his position thereon, just didn’t come into the reckoning when setting out his policy on Europe.

There’s been much more, and some debates on the usual online sites.  But let me just give you this excellent article from Yes Scotland, a summary of why Westminster doesn’t work hereabouts, of why we can and will do better.

PS  And another very interesting piece from Kevin McKenna


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