From time to time I have mentioned that the decision on what to read next often comes from the current incumbent of the bedside table.  It may be a person, a place, the author himself, or any other tenuous connection.

Like most rules it is there to be broken.  There are times when a complete change of subject is needed.  For instance fed up with tales of travelling without wellies to the source of the Limpopo, or whatever, I might have a compelling desire to dip into fantasy, travelling with dragons into the never never for instance.  It happens.

Having recently stayed with South America, rivers and jungles, I opted for a change.  Home territory beckoned.  So I headed north and west, to the wonderful landscape of Assynt.  I may tell more of that one shortly.

But having made an unconnected leap, imagine my astonishment to find two of the main characters, one on a barge on the Rio Magdalena and the other in a tent in the Assynt wilderness, both reading the same book.  I had to Mulder over that one for a moment or two.

Happy to share a dram with anyone who can name the book being read by both characters.  Ah, drams and Assynt, I’ve a good read to finish, more later.



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6 responses to “Curious

  1. Michele

    Have you retired ?Your leisure time is at illegal levels.

    • It’s January, counting down another 20 days. I have no leisure time, and am too ill to enjoy any that comes along. Some stuff is drafted in advance…..
      And does that blog of your’s feature on the resulotion list yet?

      • Michele

        Oops did I touch a nerve ?
        Wasn’t referring to the blog / writing more the reading time.
        Don’t make resolutions.History has taught me a hard lesson .God laughs at plans indeed takes them as a personal challenge to thwart.
        I am fortunately in rude health and hope you will soon be too.

      • it’s just a sleepless nights thing, which helps to make me even more cantankerous at times….

  2. Michele

    Picked up two copies of your published writings.Well done again.You are allowed to be proud .

  3. Michele

    And your Christmas card came first in my Best Card of 2012 category. Thank you

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