Good Viewing

There’s been some cracking stuff these last few days, and I’m not referring to rugby matches from around these isles, nor even to cricket from India.

Oh no, it’s Sarah Lund time again, and the first two episodes of the third and final series of The Killing are here at last.  This one looks to be a real stoater, as they used to say in these parts.  There is a new slant, perhaps borrowed from the success of Borgen.  For as well as Chief Inspector Lund and the mess she trails along with her, we’ve got some political intrigue thrown in, along with the small matter of child abduction.

And wasn’t that a stunning way to leave us waiting for more?

Then later I caught, unusually for me, The Adventure Show.  This is a BBC Scotland production and well worth finding on the iPlayer for those further afield.  The highlight this week, apart from some stunning Norwegian scenery amongst the walking trails and mountain bothies, was a bike ride.  There was a tandem doing it, a recumbent too, and the show host, Dougie Vipond.

But this wasn’t any old bike ride.  This was 300km, and over 18 hours in the saddle from a 6am start.  Did they really say almost 5,000m of climbing?  The snow road, a circular route from Kirriemuir, via Banchory and Braemar among others, and over The Lecht and Glenshee.  What got me was the age of these nutters the guys undertaking this feet.  Makes you ashamed to be waiting slovenly for a gap in the diary and a gap in the weather to head out for an hour or two.

Anyway, if they’re showing The Killing in double episodes that means it won’t be long till Borgen’s back on screen.  I guess I’ll just need to get in the habit of staying awake after 9.00 on a Saturday night.  So while I lead the chorus of long live the beeb, I kid you not, I realise I’ve missed another cracker tonight on Radio 3, all about the dark arts of travel writing and featuring some familiar names, including Rory Maclean tutoring a workshop.

But I found that on the listen again facility, and I might just listen again several times, for as well as Rory there’s chat from Artemis Cooper, new biographer of PLF, and Nicholas Shakespeare, Chatwin’s biographer as well as Chatwin’s widow Elizabeth.  Travel writers embellishing their notes for the sake of a good story?  Who’d have thunk it?  Couldn’t happen here you know.


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