It’s a Curious Thing

Changed our lives hasn’t it – the internet that is.  Couldn’t survive without it could we?  Well survive is probably a bit strong but in relation to running a business, communicating, learning and reporting, well I wouldn’t like to go back to the old ways.

I’m reminded of the wonders of it by my hosts here, at wordpress.  For when I switch on with thoughts of putting some notes together – either to get them off my chest or because I think they may be of interest to someone out there – I am presented with a map of the world, showing clearly how far my words can spread, and sometimes do.

It’s quite astonishing really.  I can sit here in the middle of nowhere, windswept and bedraggled, and chunter away on the keyboard.  And within minutes, those words can be read far and wide, or not at all.

And I guess that’s where e-publishing comes into its own.  A book may be published in the UK, and years later get a US edition, perhaps eventually be translated and become global.  But put it on the net and instantly it is available worldwide; increasing the potential readership exponentially.  So if you want someone to read your words, the internet is the place to be.  That comes through gritted teeth for one who likes his shelves to be filled with books, prefereably first edition, hardback, Moroccan leather a mere wish.

And even these words manage to get out there.  For my maps from wordpress have colours in strange places.  Not surprisingly most are in the UK – there is unfortunately no fine tuning to our different nations within these isles.  But there are others, and I find myself wondering sometimes, perhaps in total wonder, when the lights shine from as far away as America and New Zealand.

And there are some strange ones.  Spain is not too surprising, but Senegal, and Saudi Arabia?  They’re a long way from Canada and Cambuslang.  And no less welcome for that; do drop in again please.

Curious these countries beginning with S; perhaps there’s more ‘S’ countries on the globe.  I’ve wondered why, for a few years now, the four best male tennis players on this planet all happen to come from countries beginning with S.

But the internet, and spreading the word, instant news – going viral I think they call it.  Where would we be without it?  Well I certainly wouldn’t have any words read in Senegal that’s for sure.  Makes you think.


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  1. I agree – astonishing invention is the internet; brilliant for writers

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