Closing Ceremony

Last words on the festivities:

First the number crunching:

Then the polling effect:

How about the Union Dividend:

And finally the outpourings and the rantings:

Sorry about that last lot, but it has to be seen to be believed.  It seems to take us back to matters relating to the team formerly known as Sevco, the ones who almost got a Davidson-Doing up at Peterhead.  So on a happier note on the footie front, let’s see a fantastic start to the season.  Down 2 -0 at half-time; three within a another minute; and then bouncing back to win 5-3, and all at the home of the local rivals.  What fun we had.




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4 responses to “Closing Ceremony

  1. Forget about using Guido Fawkes as the “cost of the games” and instead use this one from Sky News no less…

    “A Sky investigation has revealed the final cost for the Games will be more than £12bn. However, associated costs could make the bill as high as £24bn – a staggering 10 times the original estimate.”

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