BBC Accused

……. Of Bias, in favour of the Nationalists.  Can you believe that?  And not just the institution that is our beloved state-funded broadcaster.  But Isobel Fraser, of all people, for goodness sake.  I missed it all, past my bedtime and all that.  But wake up today and you can still catch it all in it’s glory.

It’s all to do with the right to hold the Referendum, and who holds that right – Holyrood or Westminster?

To start with it’s best to recap on sovereignty in this fine nation of ours.  There’s a terrific summary here, in words that even I can understand.

Then we get the views of the Scottish Affairs Select Committee at Westminster.  This committee has no SNP representation after Dr Eilidh Whiteford left her seat at the table, the solitary voice granted to the independence cause, after chairman Ian Davidson threatened her with ‘a doing’, some may remember.

Yesterday morning I heard said chairman on the wireless, the airwaves of the same broadcaster on which he was later to have his astonishing outburst, tell us that the gift to have the vote rested with his unionist colleagues at Westminster.

I am reminded that Davidson was one of the signatories to the Claim of Right for Scotland – adding his name to the many others, who firmly believe in:

“the sovereign right of the Scottish People to determine what form of government best suits their needs”

He may have forgotten that.  Now fast forward to last night’s interview with Isobel Fraser.  It is up on You Tube thanks to Moridura, and I’ve listened to it in full.  That link is also embedded in this commentary, and it’s best to listen to it whilst reading through the transcript and comments from RevStu.

Then see what Canon Kenyon Wright has to say on the matter, and make up your own mind.

One wonders if those that voted Davidson into his job, or put him in charge of a committee, are happy with their man.  I’m minded that the powers to give constituents the right to ditch their elected member have got nowhere yet.  And of course we are all paying this man handsomely for his efforts.

Still it might be another busy day for the membership secretary at the SNP, or with Yes Scotland, the latter fast becoming a cross party organisation with a highly professional board.


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  1. I need to watch it again to fully believe it. What a performance!

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