It’s a word we’ve heard a lot about after committing our gzillions to the cause.  But you know, there might just be an element of truth to it, if this wee snippet is anything to go by.

The other night all things olympian had been consigned to the wee telly in the boudoir; I think there was a decade old WDYTYA, or perhaps Mongolian Masterchef, Rural Weekly even, commanding the big screen.  I was joined by Urchin the Younger, jammied up and ready for bed and wanting a wee coorie in before retiring.

“I’m going to do that”, he says.  “I’m going to do the 100m front crawl at the Olympics.”

No word yet of any intent to crank his pedals, or pick up a paddle, piss about with the last penalty even.  But I’ll be sure to mention it at Wednesday’s swimming lesson.  Such dreams are not to be stifled.  They’ve all been away for a couple of days, busy with cousins and aunties and the like.  Too busy perhaps for telly, unless there’s a wii console involved.  So the Olympic dream might even have been forgotten about already.

So it’s been quiet around here, and there’s been time for The Grasshopper to confirm beyond doubt that there’s no legacy in his old knees.  The pedals have been cranked, for the wind has been away too and the rain has been sporadic.  Fifty miles or so these last two days,  but it’s still slow.  The breath comes no easier, and there’s no lift from the watching sheep.  But it was good.

And good too was the entertainment yesterday.  Quite Remarkable, as someone might once have said.  And my favourite for the day?  Well that’ll be young Laura Robson, in the mixed doubles; as joyful as it was unexpected.  No hype for days beforehand.  It started off as a heap of fun, a romp in the sun even, but quickly became a damned good match, and as close a finish as you’ll have found on any other stage.  But didn’t she play some cracking shots through it all, even after the German couple found their form and her service?  Come on Andy, don’t let her down now.

And of course, you’ll have realised by now that by the time Boy Urchin realises his dream, it’ll be Team Scotland on the back of his tracksuit.  I like the sound of that, and the stirring anthem that will go with it.  And Girl Urchin?  Happy playing with her Barbies most of the week.  Back to school soon.


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