Going Dutch

The last few days have seen the rain catch up with us, but it cannot dampen our enjoyment.  There is promise of a fine afternoon today and so perhaps a communal bike ride round and about.  It may be the last for our time left is short.

Last night we took in the childrens’ entertainment, bringing to mind similar shows put on in France and Italy in recent years, and many of the same songs and dances.  But they do it all differently hereabouts.  Further south, where the tourists come from far and wide, the childrens’ entertainers do it all multi-lingually, but here, like most things, it is in Dutch and Dutch alone.  It is a beast of language on the ear, but some sense can be made of the written word, and we manage just fine in the familiar halls of Messrs Lidl and Aldi.

It turned out that the market in Bergiejk had been usurped; the shows were in town, but we caught the market traders in Bladel yesterday, and an exceedingly fine lunch in an adjacent cafe as the rain came down.  The Giant Hamburger did not fall foul of any trade descriptions and I had to help Herself get to the end, which I managed to do despite a substantial schnitzel, with frites all round though there were none of them to spare from The Urchins.  Then up the road to Best, and to what must be the largest Decathlon on the planet where the entire afternoon could have been spent, but we spent quite enough thank you in just a few moments, so we headed to the town’s rain-soaked zoo instead.

I’m never a great fan of the zoological park, but this one was better than some.  The llamas seemed to think we brought their food, the big cats got theirs as we watched – jaguar, panther, puma and more.  Birds a-plenty, monkeys and others of that type, all giving the impression of being happy and contented, much as we have been here albeit with freedom in our case.

So, having rambled on about the joys of camping, in both the sun and the rain, warm rain that is, I thought I should share this place with you.  Highly recommended it is, for children, for cycling and for winding down.  Missing you all, back all too soon.

Camping at Ter Spegelt


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