There are times when the society we create leaves me speechless.  This is one of them but I am going to have a rant, before deciding whether to call the council, the police, or both.

This little road, aside which sits Grasshopper Towers, is a stretch of single track road running for two and a half miles, little more than a loop road back onto the main road in the area.  There are five properties along the road, and a total of 17 people, aged from three to mid 70s, all intent on a quite and innocent life, doing harm to no one.

I have just returned from a trip to our nearest post office.  On my way I discovered that some kind soul has decided that our little stretch of tarmac would look better with no fewer than 55 black bin bags, refuse spilling over, some burst, spread along a one mile stretch.  They are spread pretty evenly and it looks as though someone has been standing up in the bag of a moving truck chucking them out as he goes.  Some are in the fields, with newborn lambs showing interest in the contents, which look to be assorted household waste, primarily cans and bottles.

I was going out for a cycle, but now I think I might just lie down and cry.  And we give these morons the vote, probably benefits too.


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