Smiling Faces

All it takes is a little bit of sunshine; even this grizzled one can respond, mildly.  Over the past week we’ve seen proper weather; none of that wind and rain and all the usual stuff.  Another five years or so of this and we may even get to droughts and hosepipe bans.  The winter layers are being cast aside with every bike ride, and, whisper it, the shorts may even get an outing today.  Yesterday we not only removed the outer layer, but were down to a mid-weight, and still overheated.  The Urchins too have been getting into the cycling lark, with a wee run yesterday to see the Queen’s little tartlets and assorted guests.  They not only survived but they enjoyed it, and want more.  We just might get that camping and cycling trip in the summer yet.

There were rumblings down by, references to the words sheep and dip, by those who may even be lambing shortly, or adding midwifery or nursing skills, full medical attention even.  Some might think they were old enough to know better, to realise that a head hitting the pillow shortly before dawn would inevitably be roused by little ruffians minutes later.  It was a good night, but the sheep dip, oh dear.

But the sun brings much more than an increase in cyclists and runners.  The daffodils are emerging by the day, and more than half of them have responded to the urgings of the sun and the rare spring temperatures of late.  One or two of them may appear, to brighten up these dull words.

My route yesterday took me back to familiar territory, with the re-opening of one stretch, with a fresh and smooth surface, after weeks of closure.  I had missed that route; missed the hawthorn hedge busy with bullfinches; missed the excuse to jump off and have a drink; then realised that I missed the drink for the water bottle remained on the steps back at Grasshopper Towers.

But I need to be brief, for time is pressing.  The Networker needs a gym session and I’d like to get a quick short run out on the bike beforehand.  I may even have to do some work, or phone the garage to try and have fixed fault fixed again; forty miles it lasted.

So just enjoy the sunshine and the smiles it brings.  Many look forward to a bit more flesh on view as well; except if they’re around here and there’s a Grasshopper coming down the hill.

The clocks have moved, you may have noticed.  Well after 8.00 it was last night before I could shuffle back out to lock up the chicken huts in case the fox was on the prowl.  I did so by the light of the moon, and a beautiful light it was too.  I haven’t had the time to play with the photo on screen, but you might be able to, one sliver of moon, one star, one planet, I think, in a clear and bright sky.

The sky remained clear and as I made that some shuffle back to said chooks earlier this morning, the frost lay thick on the cars.  But the sun is well up now, the air is still, and the muscles yearning.  Now where’s the phone number for that garage, for there’s nothing like a wee discussion to get the energy moving.  Enjoy the sun.




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