Conference Season

We have been spoiled in these parts of late, with both the Lib-Dems and Labour holding their Scottish spring conferences on the same weekend.  I’ll spare you anything from Inverness, for there seems little interest in the Lib-Dems at present, aside from the dubious post of the Scottish Secretary.  However, down at Dundee……

Firstly we have some shots of the audience participation.  Looks like a fun day out for all.

Then we have the keynote speech of the wumman who would be FM; she who the Labourites see as the Leader of a Nation; the one to lead us to Salvation.  Whilst I didn’t watch the speech live myself, yes of the course the BBC were there to give it wall-to-wall exposure, I found this review to be pretty frightening in a way.

I’ve been holding my piece on matters Labour for a week or two, waiting to hear what M’Lud has to say on the Honourable member for Falkirk West this Wednesday, before adding my tuppence-worth.  I know what I want to hear from the judge, and the Party.

You will note that both of these links take you to Wings Over Scotland.  In less than three months this blog has reached 50,000 page views per month, though it has to be said that author RevStu has been well known with his erudite comments and contributions to other outlets for some time.  The meteoric rise of blogging stats comes at a time when yet another round of circulation figures will have the written press very worried indeed.  Ah well.


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