Just a thought……

I’ve just completed my submision to the Scottish Government consultation towards the referendum.  You can access the process here.  Do please make your views know.  Only by us all so doing can we hope to fully consider all the machinations, before we head to the polling stations.

Before doing so though, it might be worth having a read at this article.  I shall say no more.

I know that Westminster also opened a consultation on the same subject, but of course from a different perspective.  I’d like to feed back on that one too but try as I might my good friends at google (other search engines are available) seem unable to put me intouch with Cameron’s wish list.  If anyone has a link I’ll gladly add my tuppence worth.


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  1. Interesting article and a long way from most people’s perceptions – I guess there could possibly be a strong element of ‘lies, damn lies and statistics’ here, but that cuts both ways in the political debate. Also there must surely be unfactored capital costs for institutions such as defence, education, Whitehall, the DVLA even, these would presumably have to replicated in a fully independent Scotland.

    Having lived at one time in the Borders I am watching the debate with real interest – I just hope it can be kept at an intelligent and reasoned level – fascinating times,

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