War of Words

Oh it’s started all right, so I’ll keep mine brief, for the moment.  Here’s a few nuggets to warm up the start of a frozen day.

Let’s start with Question Time, where Dimbleby has form, especially with the DFM.  A wee clip courtesy of Moridura.  I have to say I agree with Peter Curran’s comments.  I didn’t watch the programme last night and, having seen this clip, I think I’m glad.  I need my sleep and I don’t think The Urchins would have welcomed the smashed screen au matin.

Kenneth Roy has a great summary of the words that have appeared in the written press, all those cliches, and a few more, some of them unpronounceable in these parts.

But by far the best comment on where we are so far comes form Canon Kenyon Wright.  Read it, one and all.



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