That’ll be it all over then, that festive feeding frenzy?  Maybe not, says he picking at goodies and nibbling leftovers at every visit to the kitchen.  But it is time to try and get some routine back; to pay a bit more than lip service to work commitments; to eat proper meals at proper times, and to get to bed at the appointed hour.

The last has been difficult these last few days, for I have been glued to the box.  Not, I hasten to add, as a result of the endless joys put forward by the various broadcasters, but solely to a DVD boxed set, in Danish, with sub-titles.  I heard a review of The Killing a week or so back.  A ‘must buy’ I thought, and in a moment of selfishness when money was disappearing, I splashed out.  It is utterly gripping, each episode in the first series – and so far I have managed 13 of the 32 – ending with you reaching for the next.  The plot centres on a police investigation into a murder, and then diversifies into so much more.  We have hints at corruption in politics, the highest levels of the police perhaps involved, civil servants too.  We have flaws in characters, in fact we have everything, and it is spellbinding.  Books have taken second place this week, I kid you not.

We had a rare opportunity yesterday for a day away, together, as a family.  The weather was not kind but the wind blew us east, where we found a watery sky with patches of blue.  It was a chill wind that blew across the decks of the RRS Discovery, as we stood and gazed up the mast to the crow’s nest high above.  Little faces peered into compasses, and little hands turned the wheel by the spokes.  It was in 1901 that the Discovery was launched in Dundee, in preparation for Scott’s first trip to the Antarctic, not his final one on the Terra Nova, but his first, with Shackleton, later to return on his own Endurance trip, and Wilson, amongst others.  It was a trip that came about from a school reading book, Urchin the Elder having been enthralled by the tale of Scott.  So she saw his cabin, restored twenty years or so ago.

The visitor centre in Dundee mesmerised both Urchins, with many interactive exhibits for the youngsters, amidst memorabilia and displays from those pioneering days.  We had films to watch, photographs, life on board and on the ice, as well as the ship itself, from construction to restoration.  In short it held us all, even before the shop.  I had thought that we may end the day with a wander round the wildlife centre at Camperdown Park, but we spent so long at Discovery that we missed the last entrance by ten minutes or so, with darkness less than an hour away.  Still The Urchins did get a run through the fabulous adventure playground, and a blow of fresh air around the ears.  They were not the only ones to sleep on the road home, though thankfully I managed to vacate the driver seat before my eyes gave up any pretence at resistance.

But today there needs to be a certain amount of nagging, for there are people to be thanked for generosity above and beyond the call.  It will take some doing though, for Skylanders is threatening to burn out that wii thingy, and dollies are having their hair brushed and being dressed.  Perhaps suggesting we could do it by email may spark a bit more enthusiasm.  And then I need to think of feeding them, for the school is still off, and I need a routine, until I can get my own back a week on Monday.  There is a very girlie basket now fixed to a bike, a pink one, but that is the only bike that has been along the road of late.  Need to change that sometime.

There have been a few more books added to the lists, with spaces made on the shelves; some long desired, others unknown.  And there is research to be done, for my favourite magazine arrived yesterday with word of a little scribbling competition and a theme to consider, with a only a few weeks for submissions.  Those weeks are largely spoken for, what with school holidays and then the frightening thought of frenzy on the work front.  I don’t want to think about that just yet, the work frenzy that is, but turn my mind to the theme, to lunch, to the reading list, to episode 14…..

I hope it’s been good for you too.


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