It is one of those days when The Urchins are off school, for the teachers are doing their in-service thing, playing cards or whatever.  The sun is up, the washing out, but the postie has yet to arrive dictating what other chores may be required or possible for the rest of the day.  We may even get to the park with the bikes, their bikes that is, for me to limp behind keeping them from crashing into the loch.

Meantime I’ll take the chance to have one or two lessons on this blogging lark, something neglected for far too long.  The first one is ‘links’, so here goes:

I mentioned recently Views from the Bike Shed – let’s see how this one works, then perhaps there may be more……

That one seemed to work, though the instructions I have here suggest that it should appear in blue type, so more lessons may be needed.

I’ve left politics aside for some time, despite the urge to discuss the blue tories new leader in Scotland; the spin put on Salmond finally securing release of some of Scotland’s Fossil Fuel Levy, after year’s of refusal by successive chancellors; and the ongoing and incessant demand from London parties to the Independence questions, to have the referendum that they all spent years denying us the right to have.  I may just manage a link to an article or two within these notes.  Bear with me for it is a steep learning curve.

One to raise a smile:  Victory over the Medda.  Interestingly that one is in blue, but I know not why……


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  1. Well the link worked – you even get a comment.

    I noticed you have a link to your writings too – something you can’t do on blogger. It might, by the way, be worth putting a copyright notice on those and on the page link.

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