Doublespeak and Inspiration

Two different subjects really.

First the Doublespeak.  We hear that Westminster has cancelled the Carbon Capture project earmarked for Longannet.  They tell us that £1b of funding remains on the table and that they were just unable to come to an agreement with Scottish Power.  But the papers are now available and Huhne, it seems, may be economical with the truth, as he has known to be in the past though we can but hope that Essex police eventually get to the bottom of that speeding ticket.  Shoogly peg time.

Professor Stuart Haszeldine, of Edinburgh University, has been poring over the Carbon Capture paperwork.  The funding was nearer to £600m, but what’s the odd few hundred million between friends?  He tells us that the project stacks up, the technology and the storage site works, as does the pipeline.  Hmm, forked tongues and conspiracy theory time.

Methinks this is just an example of Westminster pulling any funded project north of Hadrian’s Wall.  My guess is that there will be a carbon capture project, but that it will not be in Scotland, not now, not funded by Westminster.  We will see investment plans thwarted for the next few weeks.  But then that just plays into the hands of the nationalists, and every move in that direction grabs more votes when the referendum comes.  No doubt we’ll continue to be fed weasel words about the ‘union dividend’, but the actions do indeed speak louder.

The inspiration comes with a visit to the school when it re-opens on Monday, for I have gifts for the Green Team, and a real need for a shot in the arm from their enthusiasm.  The flagpole is here, along with a sackload of shredded paper, paddling pool and sundry recycling items, including enough batteries to power the collective wiis of the entire world but used up solely by The Urchins [note to self – rechargeables], ink cartridges, and a whisky barrel planter.

Before long I hope to see a green flag flapping proudly for all to see.  The pole did come with free gifts in the form of banners of both the union and the dragon-slayer, neither of which will flutter in the winds of these parts.  I had thought of putting both to better use, perhaps lining the chicken huts or something, but rather than tarnish my hands I simply passed them unopened to a more suitable receptacle.  The Genealogist threatened the jail if I had carried on with any other urges, but then she does still have a Charles & Diana tin as a relic from times past.  It takes all sorts.  The green flag will look far better, and the children will take great pride for it is an award for their achievements.

And then there’s the whole Libya and Megrahi thing once again.  Just keep your eye on Robert Black’s Lockerbie Blog, and your ear open for the wise words of Jim Swire, for that is the only place you will get any news you can trust.  It is unfortunate that we will not get the chance to squeeze any further information from the country’s former despot.


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