Megrahi Again

I cannot let the latest double-speak on the dying man in Tripoli go without comment.  As usual it is the BBC leading the charge, the written press adding to the duplicity, and the sole intention the trashing of the Scottish Government.

Reuters broke a story of Megrahi whispering, as his medicines run out, that his name had been ‘exagerated’, and that the truth would be available soon, as would his death.  Now I fully accept that translation from Arabic to English is not easy, though even I have access to Arabic resources.  The BBC took the view, and splashed it to the world, that Megrahi had confessed that it was his role, not his name, that had been exaggerated, and so we focus on the name/role translation.  Then we find out that any exaggeration was in a liberal use of translation tools.  The word muttered by a dying man is better translated as concoct, contrive, fabricate etc, and that makes his statement quite a different one to that put before us.

The BBC has changed the reporting as the story developed.  Have a look at the NewsSniffer link below to see how they shape the news that is fed to us.

And as always the best source of any information in relation to Megrahi is the blog of Robert Black QC, perhaps the single most important man in the conviction and in the aftermath, at least so far as Scotland is concerned.

It is to be hoped that one day the truth will out, despite the best efforts of governments on both sides of the Atlantic to quell that posibility.  The sad aspect for Scotland is that the very conviction at Camp Zeist is tarnished; that Megrahi had to drop his appeal to facilitate his compassionate release thus ensuring that the questions on the conviction could never be asked in open court.

But the sadder aspect for all of us is the news agenda being played by our compliant media; an agenda not driven by concern over the conviction; not in the memory of those that perished; nor of the full and proper course of justice.  No, the media has solely in its sights a route to trashing the reputation of the First Minister and his Cabinet Secretary for Justice, to pour scorn on medical opinion, and in short to try to bring an end to the road on which the Scottish people have begun their march.  The same media conveniently overlook the intentions of the Blair government and its Prisoner Transfer Agreement, as the sale of arms and the quest for oil were far more important issues for them.  The fact that Scotland’s route to return Megrahi brought the same outcome as sought by Westminster, but without the skullduggery, is but a minor detail and one to be airbrushed out.

Keep your eye on Robert Black’s blog, and watch for the wise words of Dr Jim Swire.  Disregard the weasel words of our state-funded broadcaster, and buy newspapers only with your eyes open, and your mind.  I see that The Hootsmon headlines the story as a ‘deathbed confession’ and then goes on to tell us of the impact of mis-translation – I kid you not!

And to put the whole thing into better words than i could manage, and in a proper perspective, read here


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  1. Michele

    Thanks for this Keith.Dominique is currently studying Arabic and Spanish at Edinburgh Uni and I do believe thinks that with such skills she may make little impact on people’s lives. How wrong she is. It is so important that what people say and mean is not misinterpreted.

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