Politicians and Pressmen

I understand that the phone hacking furore is now at the doors of the Daily Mirror, and in particular former editor-turned-meeja celeb, one Piers Morgan.  The share price of Trinity Mirror is plummeting on the strength of rumours, denials and the usual litany of double-speak.  More to follow.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world Teflon Tony has been tracked down for comment, the Middle east Peace envoy no doubt travelling the speaking circuit whilst maintaining his non-resident status and escaping UK tax charges on his ill-gotten gains.  “I can’t honestly remember”, quoth he on being quizzed about informal meetings with the dastardly Murdoch.  Surprise, surprise, quoth me.

But Balir has said that relationships between press and politics needs to differentiate between news and comment.  It needs to go much further than that.  These publicly paid servants and the peddlars of tittle-tattle need to be able to separate personal and professional lives entirely, if there is to be any hope of restoring credibility.  By all means have briefings and meetings, but these must be minuted and the records made public; with no ‘off-the-rcord’ chats referred to obliquely in emails; no attendances at family weddings, baptisms or other junkets; and no denials.

Money should not even come into it, but that just brings us round to the police, who seem to have received most of the cash and who employ most of the former media-men, at least those not taking the public shilling in the corridors of power.

Ultimately Blair will slime his way through in the same manner as the various Iraq enquiries, mysterious deaths, money-making transactions, and so forth.  It’s just not good enough.  Scotland must get out of this union and hold her head up high before being tarnished further, but that’s another story for another day.


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