Scotland’s Day

Two comments from last night’s media coverage of our election results stay in the mind.  Both came from Professor Tom Devine.

This moment in history, Tom opined, was the most significant since universal suffrage.  He went on to mention that the demise of the Labour Party and the problems they now faced was down mainly to ‘intellectual chasm’.  I have to agree with him on both points.  The fare on offer was simply not good enough for this nation.

The talk today within the media, particularly the English and unionist outlets, is all about independence and the timing of the promised referendum.  One train of thought is to use the current momentum and strike early.  I tend to the other.  We need another few years of good governance to get more people on side with this one.  Shortly before the next election in five years time would be my current strategy.

Independence is a once-in-a-liftime opportunity.  Yes we can move now without the unionists continuing to deny us the right to decide our own future.  But if the outcome is in the negative the right to make the decision may not be available again for several generations.  My faith lies in Salmond and his team to accurately determine the mood of the people and to get the timing right before putting the option to the vote.

St Andrews has been in the news of late, and once again today.  With emotions running high from the election and the results, the news today of the untimely passing of Severiano Ballesteros is equally charged.  Who can forget those wonderful days at St Andrews back in 1984 when Seve lit up not just golf, not just sport, but humanity with his unbridled joy and cavalier spirit.  We have witnessed his exploits on the course many times, his passion for Ryder Cup golf and his ability to pass his passions on to his team.  His death now is tragedy indeed, as sad in itself as the joys we have in Scotland politically.  A man to be missed, and not just by the golfing fraternity.


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