Polls and Sunshine

The day dawns brightly; the glass is half full.  Publication today of a poll by Ipsos-Mori in The Times, indicating that the SNP have over-turned the 10 point lead given to Labour less than three months ago, and now set the pace as the May election approaches.  This is superb news, especially against a background of a compliant media skewing everything in favour of The Party, as I tend to think they view those bearing the red rosette with apparently a divine right to keep their people in Scotland in their place.  With Brian Souter pledging to match donations to the SNP there could be positive funding on the back of this news.  That said no doubt the media will begin to spin against it, to restore the rightful balance and put four years of good governance behind us, in the drive back to the Westminster fold even before Calman calls us to heel, and clips our wings with funding issues from its flawed prospectus.

However it is the best news, independently sourced, on the political front for some time.  Just maybe there is a waking up to the dire ineptitude of Elmer and his cohorts.  There have been reports of late of concerns from above at stances taken against party policy, of ‘immature voices’ in the shadow cabinet leading the vote against their own amendments in the continuation of oppositionism which has marked Labour’s denial since 2007.  Scotland is their’s by right, isn’t it?  Is it too much to hope that they are finally being found out, and that even their chums in the written and broadcast press have had enough?  I suspect not, but the sun is shining, and everywhere loooks nicer under the sun, even Holyrood.


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